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Get Involved

There’s far more to the Christian life than attending church on Sunday, attending a class, singing a few songs, and listening to a great sermon. That’s part of it, but the call of Jesus to his disciples was “follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” Every member of our church has the responsibility of using the gifts the Lord has given them in our church’s effort to make disciples. But the Lord calls us each to different areas of service. Use the links on this page to as you seek where the Lord would have you serve and as you carry out that work.

Start Here

Want to do your part in serving the Lord, but not sure where to begin?


Learn more about the organized activities of the men in our church.

Women's Ministry

The women of our church are meeting for fellowship and working on projects throughout the year. Learn more about it.

Feed By Grace

Each month, members of our church are helping to feed the homeless in our city. Learn how you can help.

Mission Trips

From time to time, our church goes on trips to help a missionary.

Funeral Food Ministry

Enjoy cooking? Learn what you can do to help families during their time of grief.

Yard Crew

Enjoy working outside? Willing to help keep the grounds looking nice?

Cleaning Crew

Help keep our building looking nice.


Do you enjoy studying God's word and teaching it to others?

Church Library

Get involved with this ministry that provides valuable resources to our members and guests.